While opening for Debbie Deane at Johnny D's in Davis Square, Somerville, MA. Tony Gallo touched the hearts of fans old and new with a powerful performance that included Dennis Carlan originals "Cornelia Street," "Move On," and "I Wouldn't Blame You." The Tony Gallo Group is Frank Wilkins-piano, Noah Maltsberger-guitar, Tony Vaughn-bass, Joey Scrima-drums, Fabio Pirozzolo-percussion, and Tony-vocals+harmonica.



The Tony Gallo Group returned Unplugged to NYC's Cornelia St. Cafe. Special thanks to John Hyde (piano), Fabio Pirozzolo (percussion), Noah Maltsberger (acoustic guitar), and Tony (vocals+harmonica) for their inspired performance of three Dennis Carlan originals: "Move On," "I Wouldn't Blame You," and "Cornelia Street" - an ode to the Soul of the Blues events hosted by Jon Sobel at this Greenwich Village landmark venue.



Carlan Country... Lyric Tree recently asked Jason Roller to demo several Dennis Carlan originals (Loving You, Open Up Your Arms, Time To Love, Tonight Belongs To Me And You) at his MagicShack studio based out of Nashville, TN. Special thanks to Jason on acoustic guitar, and Kim Parent and Dennis Parker on vocals.



Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, Cornelia Street Cafe "attracts the type of high level musician who's looking for a respectable place... a venue that's committed to the expression of the musician" (All About Jazz). With  appearances by favorites Jeremy Scott Ragsdale and Tony Gallo Lyric Tree could not agree more. Of Special Note: For their foot stompin', crowd pleasin' rendition of Dennis Carlan's "Move On," Lyric Tree thanks the The Tony Gallo Group (John Hyde-piano, Keith Yaun-guitar, Kevin Norris-bass, Steve Rose-drums, Tony-vocals+harmonica) and extends congratulations on a Cornelia Street performance so hot... it was cool.